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Twist: Sofa #1

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A fine remembrance of the Maestro for the One Size Fits All world of today.
Play on, Frank…

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March 30, 2008 at 4:01 am

Blackwater Fever

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Fever Named After Blackwater

Inter Press Service
By Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail*

FALLUJAH, Mar 26 (IPS) – Iraqi doctors in al-Anbar province warn of a new disease they call “Blackwater” that threatens the lives of thousands. The disease is named after Blackwater Worldwide, the U.S. mercenary company operating in Iraq.

“This disease is a severe form of malarial infection caused by the parasite plasmodium falciparum, which is considered the worst type of malarial infection,” Dr. Ali Hakki from Fallujah told IPS. “It is one of the complications of that infection, and not the ordinary picture of the disease. Because of its frequent and severe complications, such as Blackwater fever, and its resistance to treatment, P. falciparum can cause death within 24 hours.”

What Iraqis now call Blackwater fever is really a well-known medical condition, and while it has nothing to do with Blackwater Worldwide, Iraqis in al-Anbar province have decided to make the connection between the disease and the lethal U.S.-based company which has been responsible for the death of countless Iraqis.

The disease is most prevalent in Africa and Asia. The patient suffers severe intravascular haemolysis — the destruction of red blood cells leading to kidney and liver failure. It also leads to black or red urination, and hence perhaps the new name ‘Blackwater’.

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March 27, 2008 at 3:43 pm

Surging to a tidal victory?

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…or just watching the wheels fall off the overloaded war-wagon of lies?

Guess it depends on if you’ve ever upgraded your B.S. detector since those formidable teen years,
or if you haven’t noticed, your melon’s being used as a septic tank for the effluence of prevarications
approved for the general consumption from over almost the past century, that’s neither here nor there.

Some of the most truthful reporting on this country’s ‘Weapon of Mass Disaster‘ never sees the light of day
as it is buried under conciliatory mountains of mainstream abstractions that continue the false impression of opposition, as the glad-handing abounds behind the scenes.

For example, there’s this from McClatchy today:

Is ‘success’ of U.S. surge in Iraq about to unravel?

BAGHDAD — A cease-fire critical to the improved security situation in Iraq appeared to unravel Monday when a militia loyal to radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr began shutting down neighborhoods in west Baghdad and issuing demands of the central government.

Simultaneously, in the strategic southern port city of Basra, where Sadr’s Mahdi militia is in control, the Iraqi government launched a crackdown in the face of warnings by Sadr’s followers that they’ll fight government forces if any Sadrists are detained. By 1 a.m. Arab satellite news channels reported clashes between the Mahdi Army and police in Basra.

The freeze on offensive activity by Sadr’s Mahdi Army has been a major factor behind the recent drop in violence in Iraq, and there were fears that the confrontation that’s erupted in Baghdad and Basra could end the lull in attacks, assassinations, kidnappings and bombings.

And this from RFE/RL:

Iraq: Fighting In Al-Basrah As Government Seeks To Oust Militias

Declining Security

But security in Al-Basrah has been declining for months, with growing tension and clashes between the Al-Mahdi Army and other Shi’ite factions, as well as with criminal gangs seeking control of sections of the city.

A British military spokesman said British troops encamped near Al-Basrah airport are taking no part in the fighting. The British withdrew to that camp in December, when they handed over security matters in Al-Basrah to Iraqi forces.

Or, from Roads to Iraq, via uruknet:

Mahdi Army arrested 17 American Soldiers

Just reported from Alwasatonline reporter in Basra, Mahdi Army managed to arrest 17 American soldiers, and seizes 7 hammer military vehicles, because of these developments the Iraqi government offered to negotiates with MA but Muqtada Al-Sadr refused any negotiations, also 250 Iraqi soldiers gave themselves up to Mahdi Army.

Key bridge, connecting Basra city to Al-Kurnah is destroyed by Mahdi Army.

Sotaliraq reported that Maliki refused to meet Basra’s mayor “Mohammad Al-Walili [from Al-Fadhilah Party], the mayor threaten if he removed from his position as mayor he will burn all the oil wells around Basra.

There is also reports about American warplanes involvement in the fights, and the Green Zone was bombed again at 8 O’clock p.

There are fighting in Al-Shurta neighborhood in Baghdad in the Karkh part

Update on the fighting in Basra

As the Iraqi deaths begin to spike, again, millions of deluded americans continue down their apathetic pathway, with not as much as a blink or a nod to the Five Years Of War Crimes and abominations committed in their name for generations to come, all to the benefit of a comparative handful of well-heeled parasites and their ruling clique.

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March 25, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Warfare, Welfare, Bullies and BB Guns

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Reading the latest entry from Arthur Silber that deals with a story in yesterdays NYT about one child’s life of persecution, of which they naturally fail to make any real connection to what inherently drives the more commonly known bully to pursue their entertainment;

They learned that cruelty and violence are not to be condemned, but constitute the coin of the nightmare realm of our culture: cruelty and violence are enacted many times every day in films, on television, in our everyday lives, and by our government on a national and international scale. You will be rewarded for cruelty: the crueler you are, the greater the reward.

Our culture teaches children that, if you are perceived as “weak” or “fragile” or “delicate” or “sensitive,” and if you are a boy or a man — well, then, you are probably a queer, a faggot, a freak. Freaks are not fully human, which makes them excellent subjects for laboratory experiments. Endless cruelty can be inflicted on freaks, and your friends — and many adults — will honor you for it. And freaks certainly cannot get married. Even Barack Obama says that he prefers “civil unions,” which are more than good enough for freaks. Separate and not equal is fine for freaks. Obama is also not above more vicious instances of ridiculing freaks.

Our children learn all of this, and many more lessons of the same kind. Of course, they are vicious bullies. Our government is a murderous bully; most politicians are bullies; the majority of adults are bullies to varying degrees. Why wouldn’t these children be bullies? It’s what they’ve been taught. In the most crucial ways, it’s all they’ve been taught.

These children are the perfect embodiments of the central values of our culture. They have learned well.

well, I was reminded of an extremely dark account, from last friday, that did not end in anything resembling a favorable light for the recipient of these entertainment seekers.

“ALTON, Illinois (AP) — Banished to the basement, the 29-year-old mother with a childlike mind and another baby on the way had little more than a thin rug and a mattress to call her own on the chilly concrete floor.”

” Investigators put much of the blame on Michelle Riley, 35, who they said befriended Dixon but pocketed monthly Social Security checks she got because of her developmental delays.

Dixon saw little, if any, of the money, Hayes said. For months she weathered the torment to keep a roof over her head and that of her year-old son, who weighed just 15 pounds when taken into state custody after his mom’s death.

“I’ve never seen an almost conspiratorial effort by a group of people to continuously torture someone until she finally died, then not really show any remorse,” Hayes said. “It was just a slow, torturous, tragic way to die. I highly doubt Dorothy Dixon even knew she was dying.”

Riley, 43-year-old Judy Woods and three teenagers, including Riley’s 15-year-old daughter, LeShelle McBride, are charged with first-degree murder, aggravated and heinous battery, intentional homicide of an unborn child, and unlawful restraint. Riley’s 12-year-old son is charged as a juvenile.”

” Hayes watched the autopsy and found her injuries disturbing. X-rays revealed roughly 30 BBs lodged in her. Deep-tissue burns covered about one-third of her body — her face, her chest, her arms and feet — and left her severely dehydrated. Her face and body showed signs of prolonged abuse. Many of her wounds were infected.

None of the injuries, Hayes said, proved singly fatal to Dixon. Her system already was taxed by her unborn baby.

“The autopsy sort of indicates her immune system just shut down,” he said. “It was not capable of fending off any more.””

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March 25, 2008 at 3:59 am

Twist: Bio Reset

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In April, 20 years to the day that BIOHAZARD recorded its first demo, the reunited band launches six sold out arena shows Down Under, opening for KORN in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand. After a show May 17 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they’re scheduled for a slate of shows in the New York Tri-State area in June, major festivals in Amsterdam and Germany in July and major shows in August and September all across Europe.

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March 22, 2008 at 6:23 pm

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If a tree fell in a forest…

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would anyone even give a damn?

Apparently not, when it comes to the “well, if yuh got nothing to hide” poltroon media quislings that had better things to focus their attentions on this past week. Nah, no reason to pay notice to the ever-widening abominations against liberty that continue to stampede around the world, much less the ones that smite their festering gobs as they smile away in complete delusion. Luckily, Ryan Singel at Wired was keeping an eye open.


Federal, state and local cops are huddling together in domestic intelligence dens around the nation to fuse anti-terror information and tips in ways they never have before, and they want the American people to know about it — sort of.

Some of the nation’s top law enforcement and anti-terror officials got together to hold press briefings Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the second annual National Fusion Center conference held in San Francisco.

Homeland Security Under Secretary Charlie Allen, formerly of the CIA, described how sharing threat assessments, and even the occasional raw intel, with the new fusion centers marks a cultural shift from the Cold War era. Back then, spies treated everyone, other departments and agencies included, as suspicious.

“Things have changed remarkably in Washington. We are talking to each other,” Allen said Tuesday. “I am from the shadows of the CIA where in the Cold War, we followed a different model. That model does not apply for the kinds of threats we have today that are borderless. The threats are so different and so remarkably dangerous for our citizens.”

The fifty or so U.S. fusion centers are where the federal, state and local cops share intelligence, sift data for clues, run down reports of suspicious packages and connect dots in an effort to detect and thwart terrorism attacks, drug smuggling and gang fighting.

whew! I feel so much safer now.

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March 22, 2008 at 3:49 pm

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Occupationary recidivism

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Militias and Death Squads:

The Occupation Strategy to Divide Iraq

Eman A. Khamas



March 18, 2008

Whether their name is sectarian militias, paramilitary groups, death squads, mercenaries, criminal gangs, rogue elements in the new Iraqi security forces (no matter what they are called or how different they are), it is said they are controlling Iraq now and turning it into a no-man’s land. It is said that the American occupation authorities, and their Iraqi agents in the government are helplessly incapable of controlling them. That they are ever stronger, better functioning, and more organized , and that they are consolidating their control over the north and the south of Iraq, making its division a de facto truth.

Operating independently, or as part of the Iraqi government security forces trained and equipped by the US, these gangs have committed the worst of atrocities, five years after the fall of the State of Iraq. They have dismantled the society and the State, robbed the country, kidnapped, brutally tortured and assassinated thousands, drove millions of their houses, terrorized the citizens, the question remains why and how is it possible for them to commit all these crimes, and why there is no investigation or judicial pursuit for them all these year.

The propaganda that preceded the American invasion and accompanied it created a myth that the occupation would do justice to the Shiites and Kurds who were persecuted by the Sunnis in the last regime or even through history, and the word Sunni , even Arab , was connected to the last regime, the Baath, and later to what is called insurgency, terrorism, resistance …etc. Remember the Sunni Triangle? A new division among the Iraqis was created between those who were supposed to accept the occupation because it would serve their interests, and those who rejected it, because it was against their interests. Of course this myth was eventually dispersed, but it created a seed of some kind of segregation by the sectarian parties and the occupation authorities.

(full article here)

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March 21, 2008 at 8:00 pm