Old Grey Denial

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Gregg Gordon at OpEdNews writes:

Nine “experts” were invited to enlighten Times readers about the one aspect of the war that most “surprised” them, or that they “wished they had considered in the prewar debate.”

And who were these “experts?” Five neocons — L. Paul Bremer, Richard Perle, Kenneth Pollack, Danielle Pletka, and Frederick Kagan — three ex-military officers (none of them named Anthony Zinni, Anne Wright, or Scott Ritter), and Woodrow Wilson School dean Anne-Marie Slaughter. Not “surprisingly,” Slaughter is the only one who says anything that makes a damn bit of sense.

The finger-pointing is hilarious. Bremer blames the Pentagon, Perle blames the State Department, Pollack blames the White House, and Pletka, most weirdly, blames some kind of genetic deficiency in the Iraqi people. “Surge” architect Kagan, meanwhile, thinks that having “turned the tide of Iraqi opinion,” everything’s now going just swell. It’s obvious none of these idiots has learned a friggin’ thing.

and so these merchants of death that willfully conspired, and implemented, their destructive policies that had been in the works years in advance, continue their compliant ignorance as the war machine keeps turning and the country slides further into bankruptcy. things could be coming to a head sooner than expected after crossing the last speed bump and tilting downhill.

h/t ~ Anders


Written by mudshark

March 17, 2008 at 9:18 pm

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