Heller’s more smoke and mirrors

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While the NRA sycophants and their cyclopic brethren are busy breaking their arms slapping themselves on the back over the Heller 2A decision, the all-too-common missed details of said decision make it plain to see that it’s just another feather in the authoritarians cap.

As Stephan Kinsella points out on the LRC blog:

It’s mind-boggling that some libertarians are so naive they think they can trust the Supreme Court to safeguard–sorry, to “establish,” in the words of the LP Chair–our rights. They cheer on the central state that robs us daily as if it’s some vindicator of our rights. But as William Grigg noted, the Court only condescended to recognize a very narrow right to armed self-defense, but then put all sorts of caveats and limits on it, stating the many “permissible” ways the state may regulate it, “thereby redefining it as a State-conferred privilege.”

If you bother to read the rest of the post, you’ll see how they got it wrong, again, and actually achieved the opposite of what the phony gun rights groups purport, but then their ‘Seal of Approval’ is on practically every piece of firearm legislation on the books, so what’s the real objective? Not that it’s anything new, wouldn’t want to let yourself get distracted by such trivial things as history… just keep waving that flag, baby.


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