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It’s FEAR Season!

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Many, many thanks to ABC News for the opening fesivities to the long-awaited Campaign of FEAR!
I was beginning to think that it would never arrive…

In a recent interview, FBI director Robert Mueller told ABC News of his concerns for homeland security.

“When you have a series of events like this which are very public, where you have a number of people that are congregated together, we take additional precautions,” he said.

“That means identifying, focusing on the intelligence that’s available and scrutinizing it to pieces and running it to ground, to putting in place the precautions to assure the particular events go according to plan and free from terrorist attacks,” he said.

At the moment, the nation’s public threat level will remain at yellow, or “elevated,” but not orange, or “high.”

The reasons: There are no specifics indicating an attack on the U.S. is imminent, and U.S. officials do not want to be accused of trying to inject themselves into the presidential campaign.

“That’s a balancing act,” said Jerry Hauer, former Homeland Security official and ABC News consultant. “They really have to focus on these events and this critical time we’re going through as a nation, but they have to be very careful about the public message to not make it look political or like they’re fearmongering.”

Government officials point to the Sept. 11 attacks, which happened just nine months into a new administration, and the Madrid train bombings, which were carried out just three days before Spain’s 2004 general election.

They say history suggests a need to take potential threats seriously — especially in the very near future.

Bravo, Maestro! Encore, Encore!
Crank it’up, fokker!


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July 28, 2008 at 9:48 pm

U.S. Reconnaissance Satellites: Domestic Targets

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Documents Describe Use of Satellites in Support
of Civil Agencies and Longstanding Controversy

Update – Washington, D.C., April 11, 2008 – The policy debate over using U.S. reconnaissance satellites to obtain imagery of targets in the United States dates back to the earliest days of spy satellites, according to an updated collection of declassified documents published today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University (www.nsarchive.org).

Obtained and edited by Archive senior fellow Dr. Jeffrey Richelson, the documents add significant historical context to current Congressional concerns (Document 46 and Document 50) about privacy and civil liberties guidelines for the new National Applications Office (Document 41 and Document 48).

Additional historical documents include the charter for the Civil Applications Committee, the statement of authority for National Reconnaissance Program activities over the United States, as well as documents that focus on the question of “proper use” of the satellites and the risk to senior officials should the space assets be used inappropriately.

Documents concerning current plans to establish a National Applications Office and associated Congressional concerns include the letter from the Secretary of Homeland Security to the Director of National Intelligence (reporting his interest in establishing a domestic applications office), expressions of Congressional concern, and the proposed charter (from February 2008).

Documents available from The National Security Archive


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April 14, 2008 at 4:24 am

If a tree fell in a forest…

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would anyone even give a damn?

Apparently not, when it comes to the “well, if yuh got nothing to hide” poltroon media quislings that had better things to focus their attentions on this past week. Nah, no reason to pay notice to the ever-widening abominations against liberty that continue to stampede around the world, much less the ones that smite their festering gobs as they smile away in complete delusion. Luckily, Ryan Singel at Wired was keeping an eye open.


Federal, state and local cops are huddling together in domestic intelligence dens around the nation to fuse anti-terror information and tips in ways they never have before, and they want the American people to know about it — sort of.

Some of the nation’s top law enforcement and anti-terror officials got together to hold press briefings Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the second annual National Fusion Center conference held in San Francisco.

Homeland Security Under Secretary Charlie Allen, formerly of the CIA, described how sharing threat assessments, and even the occasional raw intel, with the new fusion centers marks a cultural shift from the Cold War era. Back then, spies treated everyone, other departments and agencies included, as suspicious.

“Things have changed remarkably in Washington. We are talking to each other,” Allen said Tuesday. “I am from the shadows of the CIA where in the Cold War, we followed a different model. That model does not apply for the kinds of threats we have today that are borderless. The threats are so different and so remarkably dangerous for our citizens.”

The fifty or so U.S. fusion centers are where the federal, state and local cops share intelligence, sift data for clues, run down reports of suspicious packages and connect dots in an effort to detect and thwart terrorism attacks, drug smuggling and gang fighting.

whew! I feel so much safer now.

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March 22, 2008 at 3:49 pm

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