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Pentagon clears itself of propaganda violations

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conveniently positioned to be slurped down the weekend memory hole

WASHINGTON (AFP) — An internal investigation has cleared the Pentagon of violating a ban on domestic propaganda by using retired military officers to comment positively about the war in Iraq in the US media.

In a report posted on its website Friday, the Pentagon’s inspector general said “we found the evidence insufficient to conclude that RMA (retired military analysts) outreach activities were improper.”

The report said the controversy, which erupted in April following an expose in the New York Times, warranted no further investigation.

The Times found that the Pentagon laid on special briefings and conference calls for the retired officers, many of whom then repeated the talking points as military experts on television news shows.

It also found that many of the media analysts also worked as consultants or served on the boards of defense contracting companies, but that those ties often went undisclosed to the public.

US law bars government agencies from using funds for domestic propaganda, but the inspector general’s report said the definition of propaganda is unclear.

The report said historically it has been interpreted to mean publicity for the sake of self aggrandizement, partisanship, or covert communications, and that by those standards the evidence did not show a violation of the ban.

FDR's propaganda machine

FDR's propaganda machine

“Further, we found insufficient basis to conclude that (the office of the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs) conceived of or undertook a disciplined effort to assemble a contingent of influential RMAs who could be depended on to comment favorably on DoD (Department of Defense) programs,” it said.

It said the Pentagon invited retired military analysts to 121 meetings, 16 Pentagon briefings, 105 conference calls and nine trips — four to Iraq and five to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“We determined that those activities were conducted in accordance with DoD policies and regulations,” it said.

It said some 70 retired military officers were involved with the program at one time of another.

One, retired general Barry McCaffrey, was not invited back after he criticized the war effort, the report said. Another was blocked from attending, possibly because of a dispute with an unnamed senior military officer, it said.

It said it found no instances where retired officers with ties to military contractors “used information obtained as a result of the … outreach program to achieve a competitive advantage for their company.”

“Of the 70 RMAs that we examined, we found that 20 (29 percent) had some type of corporate association,” it said.


Funny Money, and the Crimes Being Covered Up

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(h/t- bill giltner)

Your Police State at work

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In the further assault on freedom of religion, freedom of association, and the supposed right to privacy, the apparatchiks of the state continue to perpetuate the fraud that they have a duty to protect anyone from anything and/or everything, including themselves.

As Wendy McElroy points out, any old premise will do for the power-mad, even if it’s founded on a complete hoax.

In short, the phone call for help upon which the raid was based is about to be revealed as the complete fraud I pronounced it to be a few days ago. Sarah Jessop Barlow, whose marriage records the Child Protective Service claimed to have found in compound records, apparently doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, the man named as Sarah’s rapist and abuser has been living in Arizona and has not set foot in Texas since 1977. Thus, the police declined to arrest him.

The entire case against the polygamy compound is at stake here. The only evidence of a crime has been collected on the basis of a warrant issued in response to a hoax. Thus, according to precedent and the Constitution, all such evidence should be inadmissible. Nevertheless, the authorities are already staking out the position that the search is on solid legal ground as long as police acted in good faith – or as long as they believed the call was real.

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April 21, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Federal Employees Cash In

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Well, how about that. The GAO says that Federal Employees have been ripping everyone else off blind. There’s a shocker, even more so that it made it to CBS, but then again, that’s the least of the problem.

(CBS/AP) Federal employees charged millions of dollars for Internet dating, tailor-made suits, lingerie, lavish dinners and other questionable expenses to their government credit cards over a 15-month period, congressional auditors say.

A report by the Government Accountability Office examined spending controls across the federal government following reports of credit-card abuse at departments including Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs.

Is it any surprise that Government is the #1 employer in the country?

Written by mudshark

April 10, 2008 at 2:52 am