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Occupationary recidivism

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Militias and Death Squads:

The Occupation Strategy to Divide Iraq

Eman A. Khamas



March 18, 2008

Whether their name is sectarian militias, paramilitary groups, death squads, mercenaries, criminal gangs, rogue elements in the new Iraqi security forces (no matter what they are called or how different they are), it is said they are controlling Iraq now and turning it into a no-man’s land. It is said that the American occupation authorities, and their Iraqi agents in the government are helplessly incapable of controlling them. That they are ever stronger, better functioning, and more organized , and that they are consolidating their control over the north and the south of Iraq, making its division a de facto truth.

Operating independently, or as part of the Iraqi government security forces trained and equipped by the US, these gangs have committed the worst of atrocities, five years after the fall of the State of Iraq. They have dismantled the society and the State, robbed the country, kidnapped, brutally tortured and assassinated thousands, drove millions of their houses, terrorized the citizens, the question remains why and how is it possible for them to commit all these crimes, and why there is no investigation or judicial pursuit for them all these year.

The propaganda that preceded the American invasion and accompanied it created a myth that the occupation would do justice to the Shiites and Kurds who were persecuted by the Sunnis in the last regime or even through history, and the word Sunni , even Arab , was connected to the last regime, the Baath, and later to what is called insurgency, terrorism, resistance …etc. Remember the Sunni Triangle? A new division among the Iraqis was created between those who were supposed to accept the occupation because it would serve their interests, and those who rejected it, because it was against their interests. Of course this myth was eventually dispersed, but it created a seed of some kind of segregation by the sectarian parties and the occupation authorities.

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March 21, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Sporadic Folly

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In typical all-knowing arrogant pol fashion, Captain Strawberries played to his adoring fans, and of course the fawning media, on his bumbling mid-east ‘Kill’em All Tour‘ beating his war drum of feardom.


As if that weren’t enough, now one of his sycophants is doled out a slap on the wrist for showing the true face of the campaign to rule the world. Such dementia always seems to make it’s presence known when the imaginary grail is up for grabs, but is not the least bit unexpected from those unwilling to look beyond the prescribed wisdom of federally induced doctrine. Predilection for the conscience of denial and omission is cognate of the false idol, hero-worshiping cult of the modern day militarist.

Of course, many other great events in American history might be examined as I have suggested U.S. participation in World War II ought to be examined – by taking the relevant antecedents fully into account. For historians, this advice should be unnecessary; if they know anything, they know that history did not begin yesterday. The American people at large, however, remain extremely vulnerable to misleading descriptions of the government’s actions, especially its plunges into foreign wars – accounts of which generally disregard many relevant antecedents, particularly those that cast blame on the United States for stirring up enmities abroad. Yet, any honest account of U.S. foreign policy reveals that this country’s government has engaged again and again in foreign interventions whose official justifications cannot withstand critical scrutiny. Many of these interventions amounted to little more than armed errand-running for privileged American business interests seeking to beat foreigners into line and, not coincidentally, to line their own pockets. This aspect of U.S. foreign policy famously led General Smedley Butler to declare that war is a racket.


ummmm… yummy.

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March 20, 2008 at 10:06 pm

Old Grey Denial

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Gregg Gordon at OpEdNews writes:

Nine “experts” were invited to enlighten Times readers about the one aspect of the war that most “surprised” them, or that they “wished they had considered in the prewar debate.”

And who were these “experts?” Five neocons — L. Paul Bremer, Richard Perle, Kenneth Pollack, Danielle Pletka, and Frederick Kagan — three ex-military officers (none of them named Anthony Zinni, Anne Wright, or Scott Ritter), and Woodrow Wilson School dean Anne-Marie Slaughter. Not “surprisingly,” Slaughter is the only one who says anything that makes a damn bit of sense.

The finger-pointing is hilarious. Bremer blames the Pentagon, Perle blames the State Department, Pollack blames the White House, and Pletka, most weirdly, blames some kind of genetic deficiency in the Iraqi people. “Surge” architect Kagan, meanwhile, thinks that having “turned the tide of Iraqi opinion,” everything’s now going just swell. It’s obvious none of these idiots has learned a friggin’ thing.

and so these merchants of death that willfully conspired, and implemented, their destructive policies that had been in the works years in advance, continue their compliant ignorance as the war machine keeps turning and the country slides further into bankruptcy. things could be coming to a head sooner than expected after crossing the last speed bump and tilting downhill.

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March 17, 2008 at 9:18 pm